Human Rights Program
  1. Increasing the awareness of 2000 older people on their rights in health welfare.
  2. Providing 3000 working women with awareness and legal protection.
  3. Increasing the awareness of 3000 children on their right in education, entertainment, and participation.
  4. Enabling 600 youth from the concepts of democracy , human rights, social justice, and non- violence.
  5. This program targets the bellow mentioned groups ( Working Children , Working women in small factories where their rights social, economic and syndicalist rights are violated , Older Persons )
Projects under this program: 
  1. Protecting the rights of older people project.
  2. Social Tolerance project (The alleviation of honor killings).
  3. Protecting the rights of children in entertainment, education , and effective participation.
  4. Protecting the rights of children from slavery project.
  5. Protecting the rights of working women in small workshops project.
  6. Working to advance the rights of working children in West Bank